Have you noticed there are some shameless thefts, basically clones, in the world of terminal emulators? At least the ones for GNOME?

For example, Kitty, Tilix, and Terminator have at least one clone, nothing changed, just repackaged, repackaged on the repository even. I won’t name them, but those guilty should feel the burn of shame at their hearts!

And now that we got that out of the way, these are the temus I use actively, like each for a certain task:

  • Tilix
  • Kitty
  • Alacritty

Alacritty is fast, but it’s not customizable. Kitty is best. Tilix is good, especially since it’s a WM of its own. But it’s not as ‘crisp’ as Kitty is.

I don’t like Terminator and its clones, because they have this fruity red bar on top, very distracting. Plus Tilix does what these inbred family do a thousand times better.

Now I wanna know if there are temus I am missing, like obscure ones. Should be able to run on Gnome.

I especially want something like the new Micropeni$ Windows terminal. Also terminal emulators that are based on more modern systems languages, e.g. Rust, Zig, Go. Ones that don’t ‘necessarily’ stick to TermInfo.

So; Not some Xterm clone crap. There must be a million Xterm clones out there. I did not name Xterm because every terminal emulator for X is virtually a clone of Xterm lol.