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It’s coming along nicely, I hope I’ll be able to release it in the next few days.


How It Works:

I am a bot that generates summaries of Lemmy comments and posts.

  • Just mention me in a comment or post, and I will generate a summary for you.
  • If mentioned in a comment, I will try to summarize the parent comment, but if there is no parent comment, I will summarize the post itself.
  • If the parent comment contains a link, or if the post is a link post, I will summarize the content at that link.
  • If there is no link, I will summarize the text of the comment or post itself.

Extra Info in Comments:

Prompt Injection:

Of course it’s really easy (but mostly harmless) to break it using prompt injection:

It will only be available in communities that explicitly allow it. I hope it will be useful, I’m generally very satisfied with the quality of the summaries.