• @[email protected]
    353 months ago

    The original “agile” is a reaction to the overly rigid planning and emphasizes worker self-management. It makes sense since the people who are closest to the work (the workers) know best how to plan and implement the work.

    It immediately breaks down when a specialized management tier emerges and tries to push their own agenda, i.e. to sell themselves rather than do something meaningful.

    At this point, whichever form is used doesn’t matter. The management, endowed with the power from above, will exploit the weakness of any agile-shmagile methodology to push their own agenda.

    • λλλ
      33 months ago

      Makes sense. My company was recently purchased and now we’re getting ready to start “working more agile”. I love the idea of it helping with the structure of our team. But, I can also read between the lines.