Not happy to link to the evil site, but there was no other link, and I thought that there might be people here that migtht be interested in helping out with porting Kellnr to Axum.

Here is the original request by /u/secanadev on the evil site:

Hi Rustaceans,

I’m the author of When I started working on Kellnr three years ago, was “the web framework” to use. Unfortunately, the project seems dead. Before adding more functionality using an unmaintained framework, I want to port Kellnr to

Kellnr is a huge project, so migrating it will take a long time as every handler, state, and test have to be migrated. I’ve never worked with Axum before, and the amount of work feels overwhelming.

Are there any brave Rust warriors with experience in Axum? If so, would you be interested in helping me migrate the project?

  • @snaggenOP
    55 months ago

    Now, I don’t have any experience with Axum, but my experience is that the frameworks are quite similar, so much of the porting tend to be in parameters and types, authentication and session (of course, this may vary from project to project). So if you are familiar with Axum this might be a good way to start contributing to Kellnr. Well, I guess if you just want to learn Axum, it might also be a good way to start, it will just be a little slower… but I guess it is a good way to learn a new framework if you have the time to invest.