My 10 year old pup is going blind. We’ve been in the same house for most of her life and she’s doing ok, but I’m worried it’s going to get more difficult for her. She’s not the smartest, but she can sit, lie down, and shake on command. I’ve read several articles about scent training but would like to get tips from someone who has done it. I’m thinking of using 4 different scents for bed, toys, stairs, and food/water - i know she can smell the food, but i want to make sure she can find the water bowl when she’s outside. Is that too many?

One article recommended marking a path on the floor/ground so she knows where there’s a clear route. Another suggested marking furniture/obstacles so she knows where to avoid.

If you have any experience with this and can offer tips, i would appreciate it. Also, if you want to share any happy stories about your VI pets, i would love to hear them. It’s heartbreaking to see her misjudge the doorway or bonk into things.

  • @foo
    41 month ago

    My dog isn’t blind but he loves hide and go sniff. It’s a good engagement activity for all puppies