What do you think are the best mice for use with linux?

What factors do you think are most important in selecting a mouse? (eg precision, build quality, comfort, other)

Price is optional

  • @bitfucker
    211 days ago

    No. I have a bog standard ASUS UX325UA_UM325UA laptop running arch+kde. I have not tweaked with power saving at all (only adding hibernate)

    • @[email protected]
      111 days ago

      I am not sure, then. If you are on a laptop, you might try one or the other of those utilities regardless simply because they can improve battery life, but that is a separate issue.

      • @bitfucker
        210 days ago

        Yeah, I am not having issues with battery life so I do not tweak my power settings. The mouse works in wired or bluetooth too, just the dongle is a bit problematic