what is better for single user instance, or maybe something small like under 10 users (no communities)? which is lighter on resources? how much storage should I allocate?

any alternatives to lemmy and kbin that are still somewhat similar?

  • @u_tamtam
    210 months ago

    I meant, comparatively: you can host thousands of active jabber accounts on a RPi at the same time, and that will cost you pennies in electricity a week. I know this isn’t close to an apple-to-apple comparison (different protocols, different capabilities and features, …), but what interests me when people bring-up federated protocols is how much will it actually be used that way in practice (wrt. server dimensioning vs number of users, effort to set-up and administrate, etc), and how effectively we are breaking away from the centralized internet that’s so nefarious. And sorry if this is shifting the thread away from where we started at :)