Please comment with what communities you would like to be added here.

For mod creation I need both the url style name (experienced_devs) and the Display name (Experienced Devs)

  • Gamma
    11 months ago

    Request for a general (Unix) shell community! (shell and Shell Scripting) I made [email protected], so you can tell my intentions if you read the sidebar there. I’m having issues making posts there, though, and this instance makes more sense. I’m a current mod at /r/bash, and intend to reach out to the mods of sister subreddits if they want to join.

    I originally was intending on all shell languages, but since we now have !powershell, I’d be fine with restricting it to Unix shells. I don’t know pwsh or batch well anyway, I’d have to ask pwshguy to help!

    Why not lang-specific communities like !bash?

    1. Scripting fundamentals translate very well between languages, not to mention tools like awk, jq, and others are common to many.
    2. In practice, there was a far more overlap than not within the different subreddits; both users and content.

    If you disagree with combining sister languages as a policy, that’s fine! I’d request both bash/The Bourne-Again Shell and zsh/The Z Shell.