Edit: This link is outdated, see new poll here https://programming.dev/post/190520

Hey everyone

Wanted to run a poll about the community icons to choose between a couple options

Option 1 - Use UBP icons - Use unified icons for all of the communities similar to beehaw

Option 2 - Use UBP for general communities and specific language, etc. icons for specific communities

Option 3 - Dont use UBP icons

Vote using the strawpoll here (doing strawpoll so it can be ranked voting) [removed in favor of new post]

EDIT: I have remade the poll with two more options. If you voted in the previous one please vote again in this. The new options are just for adding different colored gradients to the unified icons for different communities

Quick example of this:

  • @Daan
    11 months ago

    I like the bottom one the best (option 3) for the reason that they have different colours. The colour tells something about the community you’re looking for.

    A 4th option where you still have the UBP icons, but with the colours as shown in the bottom picture would be a good middleground. (Option: ‘Use UBP icons everywhere but with different colored gradients’)

    just my two cents

    • AtegonOPMA
      311 months ago

      Actually yeah true, forgot to add that to the poll. I can remake it real quick