Edit: This link is outdated, see new poll here https://programming.dev/post/190520

Hey everyone

Wanted to run a poll about the community icons to choose between a couple options

Option 1 - Use UBP icons - Use unified icons for all of the communities similar to beehaw

Option 2 - Use UBP for general communities and specific language, etc. icons for specific communities

Option 3 - Dont use UBP icons

Vote using the strawpoll here (doing strawpoll so it can be ranked voting) [removed in favor of new post]

EDIT: I have remade the poll with two more options. If you voted in the previous one please vote again in this. The new options are just for adding different colored gradients to the unified icons for different communities

Quick example of this:

  • AtegonOPMA
    311 months ago

    Yeah I just edited the post to do a quick example

    Just means that instead of the usual blue purple gradient communities all have their own color scheme to separate them from each other

    ex. the godot icon may have the godot colors, functional programming will have an orange gradient, etc.

    • ruffsl
      211 months ago

      Wow, the multi color gradients per different community is rather clean, but still aids in rapid legibility. Still think shape masking should be left to the user’s chosen theme or client side rendering, but the neon on black is warming up to me.