Hey everyone, just wanted to do a post looking for a couple more admins for the instance

Currently most tasks have been getting done by snowe or I with snowe handling most things in the backend and me for things people see such as community management

So that tasks are spread out a bit more and so that I can focus more on things such as building up our new frontend just wanted a couple more people to help out with various tasks

Mostly looking for people to help with community management in the instance. This includes

If you dont have much history in the instance send me a link where I can see past chatting (e.g. mastodon, reddit, etc.). We also are using discord as a platform for the admins to talk to each other so you have to be able to use that

If you want to apply feel free to dm me or say so below.

  • @UlrikHDA
    19 months ago

    How many ~hours per week is expected for the role, and are there any particular day(s) when most of the activity is happening.

    I’d be happy to help out.I live in Norway with active hours ~05-22 CEST. For more personal information, feel free to DM. My discord username is the same as this username if you prefer that.

    • AtegonOPMA
      9 months ago

      Maybe around 5 hours a week. Definitely depends on what tasks youre doing though and for some things its mostly spread out in small intervals. No specific day that its concentrated on currently. tends to depend more on events in the space

      Will send you a dm