Ubuntu is great but uses snaps and adds other canonical bits. Linux Mint is essentially perfect but does not come with gnome desktop. Is there a ubuntu based distro that is essentially like linux mint but offers gnome as a desktop?

  • @dallen
    99 months ago

    So, I finally decided to ditch Ubuntu for desktop and servers last month and went distro shopping.

    In the end, I settled on Debian. My rational was I had already been using Debian under the hood for nearly 20 years and it has treated me well. I’ve really come to appreciate that there is always an abundance of help and documentation compared to some other distros.

    In addition to apt, I use flatpaks now.

    Installing NVIDIA drivers manually kinda sucks but vanilla Gnome shell is so much nicer than Ubuntu’s Gnome.

    • @[email protected]
      39 months ago

      I’ve landed in the same boat. Debian is quite usable as is. And fairly familiar when you’ve been using Ubuntu/Mint for a bit.