Last year I was working on this website that could be described as a cross between OkCupid and Stackoverflow Jobs, called CareerCupid.

The idea is to provide a quiz with sorts of questions related to people’s preferences and values around their ideal job environment, tech stack, company structure, etc. By comparing what people’s answers with what they would expect from the other people to answer, we could build an affinity score between team members, or job seekers and positions and even between the person and company itself.

To help with the discussion around the quiz, I wanted to let people share their answers on social networks like Twitter/Reddit/Hacker News/LinkedIn. Right about the time I was finishing the “share answer” functionality, I started a new job and didn’t have the time to keep this side project.

Anyway, an year and a half has passed and I’m now looking to resume working on this. I however do not want to continue contributing to reddit, so I’m looking for an alternative place in the fediverse that could be used for this type of conversation.

I could create the equivalent “CareerCupid” community on my own instance, but given that is somewhat established as the instance for developers, I’m wondering if the admins here would be interested in creating a community for the types of questions/conversations that would go around this.

I can volunteer to be a mod if needed.

  • AtegonMA
    45 months ago

    It was put into place mostly due to that since a bunch of those communities were made with no limitations. We can look into changing if it seems to be limiting the creation of some communities but so far has just been limiting mostly topic hyperspecific communities so that the more general communities get used before splitting off into subcommunities