China forced Apple to remove any app where the developer isn’t registered in China. Meaning they asked Apple to remove 95% of the apps and games available in the App Store.

Poor iPhone users, basically they will get a “wechat handheld” and that’s it…

  • Feyter
    35 months ago

    From what I read technically “Android” is used as the most popular smartphone OS in China. But that’s only because android is the foundation of costume Chinese OS that comes without any google services (nice) but is also highly restricted against side loading. Of course like always ways should exist to workaround those restrictions.

    But to be honest getting information about all the restrictions people in china need to suffer from getting harder l with every day since they get encapsulated more and more.

    • 𝕸𝖔𝖘𝖘
      25 months ago

      They removed google but added their own state spyware. If you block the phone from phoning home (with Tracker Control, for example), the phone will still collect and save (into a user-inaccessible part of the phone) all those metrics, and eventually die, since it can’t store any more. I got 6 months out of my Chinese phone, before it filled up its metrics memory and automatically shut down permanently.