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Hi all,

I have had several shots at self hosting email over the years and my last attempt failed due to my home IP being in a dynamic pool. I thought I might try again, this time with a basic web hosting provider that I could set up email on. Any suggestions for a free/cheap provider with decent uptime?


  • @gopher
    26 months ago

    The most important thing, if you intend to do outgoing email, is to get a reputable hosting service, where you’d have few/none bad neighbours. Unfortunately that often doesn’t come together with cheap, as cheap solutions often attract a certain clientele. I’ve also had more luck with slightly smaller (but still reputable) providers, i.e stay away from OVH / Hetzner and the like. If you want something cheap, it’d probably not be a good experience to self-host.

    With my self hosted solution I have no concerns about deliverability, and only very few occasions had blacklisting issues (due to neighbours in the /16 range).