I will no longer be able to assist with development nor debugging actual issues with the software… Quite juvenile behavior from the devs. It stemmed from this issue where the devs continuously argued in public by opening and closing an issue. Anyway, thought I would keep y’all apprised of the situation, since these are the people maintaining the software you are currently using.

  • snoweOPMA
    34 months ago

    You are correct. I didn’t notice that the comments were quite far apart. I was sent that issue by concerned members of my community and I kinda rushed in and commented.

    Snowe it seems interpreted this as two people fighting and not just normal stuff that happens on giant repos with many devs.

    correct, but it was not simply based on that one Issue. It was based on months of watching their interactions with the community.

    PR comments are for talking about the PR, not for having meta convos about comments on PRs.

    Then where do you have those conversations? (also it wasn’t a PR, it was an issue) The conversations are about the code and about the decision making process around the code. They belong in a permanent store (not chat) where the decisions can be referenced. Would you recommend creating another separate issue to have the conversation?

    I don’t even participate in this repo, but I can say that snowe was off topic here.

    I can agree that my second comment was off-topic, but the first comment clearly discussed why the issue should be left open.

    However the owner’s reaction of a whopping seven day ban and “learn your lesson” comment was also abrasive and unreasonable.

    Honestly that wasn’t the part that frustrated me. It was the no response no warning part of the interaction that was insulting. How am I supposed to know whether they marked my comment off-topic because I commented on the closing of the Issue or because they just didn’t want to talk to users about the problem? How was I supposed to know that I was even going to get a ban (I didn’t even know you could ban people and I have over a hundred repos on GH) for continuing to comment? And finally how was I supposed to even know that the ban was temporary? All the lack of communication did was lead to me making this post. If I had known it was only 7 days I probably wouldn’t have done anything at all. Just let it pass, as waiting a week to respond is nothing in OSS land.

    Both sides fucked up here, get ya’lls shit together and apologize to each other yo.

    I’ve already talked to Dessalines about it. Not sure what to do about Nutomic.