Hey everyone, I just finished up a new bot for the instance called Link

This bot aims to give suggestions for other communities in the instance to post to to start populating the more specific topic communities. It currently is triggered just off of keywords it finds in post titles.

This should help people find other communities after they post to [email protected] and encourage cross-posting in the instance since thats recommended (and standard lemmy behaviour is to show crossposts as one post in the post feed)

I added some of the communities in the instance and will go through and add in the rest of them shortly

  • @Die4Ever
    5 months ago

    yea the comment does give that visibility to other people too, although you would see the cross-posted communities anyways (as long as those communities are federated with the reader’s instance)

    I mean like

    I think it’s good either way though, probably doesn’t make a big difference for us since we’re all in this instance, but if people start using this bot for other things too and across multiple instances then the comment could be better than a PM

    • AtegonOPMA
      45 months ago

      The one issue I ran into is alternate UIs other than lemmy-ui dont seem to collapse crossposts in the post feed so the recommendation of cross-posting everything floods people not using lemmy-ui

      Going through and making issues in all of their repositories