I’m noticing an influx of Reddit users today, maybe revolving around their weird bug they had today. I know this question pops up semi regularly, but for those just getting their foot in the door maybe we can help show them what else is out here on the Fediverse to help them get started.

I’ll kick us off, to any newcomers, I help run the following communities, and we’d welcome you to any of them. (Shameless self promotion I know, but I hope more people join in sharing theirs as well)

For help and support, taken right from the sidebar of AskLemmy here

An important one to kick off, we do have an entire community just for this over at [email protected] (https://lemmy.ca/c/communitypromo) for a more long-running conversation

For new users, I hope you find some communities that you enjoy! For current users, share your favorite communities that new folks may be interested in! (Please use both the !@_ notation and give a link, to help our new fediverse people out in learning how it works)

  • AtegonA
    3 months ago

    Hey, admin of programming.dev here

    Heres a nice selection of communities from various of the topic instances including ours that might be nice for most people

    • [email protected] - mander is the science and nature instance with this being one of their main communities
    • [email protected] - main community for the programming.dev instance which is the instance for programming
    • [email protected] - main community for the lemmy.zip instance which has most of the game communities so far in lemmy
    • [email protected] - community that just got started up in programming.dev where you can post any software malfunctions you come across
    • [email protected] - main community in lemdro which is focused primarily around android

    edit, heres some more: