What are your thoughts. I’ve been looking to get off YNAB4 for ages. Anyone have some experience with this or other recommendations?

  • @Piatro
    25 months ago

    I like it and have been using it for something like 6 months. I had an issue where I really liked the application and how simple it was but I didn’t really want to “budget”, just keep an eye on where my money was going. That was fine, just keep zero-ing the numbers every month, slightly tedious though. Now they’ve got a “report” style behind an experimental flag and that’s made it pretty perfect for me.

    I set up some family members with the electron app after they had spent 3 days to do in a spreadsheet what I had done in 3 hours in actual. There was resistance initially due to sunk cost fallacy but now they’re loving it.

    Other options like ynab and firefly were just too bloated and complex for our simple use case.