Hey everyone, I just finished up a new bot for the instance called Link

This bot aims to give suggestions for other communities in the instance to post to to start populating the more specific topic communities. It currently is triggered just off of keywords it finds in post titles.

This should help people find other communities after they post to [email protected] and encourage cross-posting in the instance since thats recommended (and standard lemmy behaviour is to show crossposts as one post in the post feed)

I added some of the communities in the instance and will go through and add in the rest of them shortly

  • AtegonOPMA
    3 months ago

    I am noticing where its posting and im adjusting it accordingly based on that

    I just didnt see a spot that has more comments than daily users as you said from the spots its posted to,but it has been posting to locations in general

    The suggestion there I have fixed. The C programming language isnt being suggested anymore and dotnet and C# dont suggest each other anymore. I usually delete or edit the bots messages to account for my tweaks but forgot to do so there due to it being one of the first so ill do that now, ill also go and do the same for the rest of the bots messages. I agree other people shouldnt need to clean it up which is why ive been doing so and will do the rest now

    again 1 comment occasionally isnt spam. This is just the same things over and over though in this chain so will stop on this chain. Just note I will clean up future bot messages and tweak it if it posts incorrectly which it should be doing much less now that its been refined. Other people shouldnt be needing to clean it up (if you call opting out as maintenance work its just one dm to send me and I can then deal with it) and it shouldnt be overwhelming communities. If I deem its been doing fine I can swap it to auto crosspost in the future although this doubles as leading people to post their future posts in that community without needing the bot