In this article, we’ll debunk the notion that Java is a relic of the past and showcase the language’s modern features, thriving ecosystem, and unwavering presence in enterprise and open-source communities.

  • @pprkut
    7 months ago

    I felt the same way coming back to Java from Kotlin. The more streamlined syntax of Kotlin is so much more comfortable to read and write. That being said, I never had an issue with using Jackson for JSON serialization in Java. I’m curious what issues you have encountered and if you have any alternative suggestions that are nicer to use in Java?

    • @[email protected]
      27 months ago

      I’m not sure there’s much that is better or worse than Jackson. When I worked exclusively in Java I was always using GSON and did not remember having so many hoops to jump through. Could just be my bad memory though.

      I just feel like when I’m doing Java work I spend 90% of my time on useless boilerplate.