• snoweA
    108 months ago

    Roku has tons of Home Screen ads what are you talking about? It was so bad I spent about 5 minutes using it until I went and bought an Apple TV.

    • @MagicShel
      68 months ago

      Are you talking about the static city scape that scrolls while occasionally showing still ads every once in a while? That doesn’t feel like the same thing at all. Of course I haven’t used my Roku since I hooked up a PS5 so maybe they’ve made it worse.

    • ripcord
      38 months ago

      We were talking about Fullscreen are that you have to skip or watch, which they don’t have (at least not for me)

      There’s some ad on the home screen I agree I don’t want but it’s nowhere near as annoying as on Android TV or FireTV. Mostly it just stays out of my way and lets me do things, and that’s it.