• @joby
    274 months ago

    Had you?

    • @[email protected]
      264 months ago

      I’m not OP but I still think about a series of events at my first job.

      Would have been like 25 years ago, 3rd year plumbing apprentice and I was out on my own. Next job was for a real estate, the house was empty so I had to pick up the keys and then headed to the house, I was busting for a shit and the empty house was calling me. It was a blocked drain so I pulled up fast, cleared the drain before I shit myself and then went to open the back door… and the key didn’t fit, no problem I think as I heard around to the front… key still didn’t work. Fuck I’m in trouble here, there is no time to get to another toilet. I look around and see the access door into the crawlspace under the house which was pretty high, so I form a plan, use an empty bag to line a bucket and grab toilet paper out of the glovebox and head under with my homemade chamber pot. Do the business, tie the bag up and head to the bin to hide it. Once I open the lid I see the bin is completely empty… I can’t put it in there now so I put it in one of the big tool boxes on the back of the truck.

      I ended up getting fired the next day, back then I partied pretty hard and was constantly late etc so definitely don’t blame the boss. But the poop bag was never retrieved from the tool box. So at some point either the boss clearing it out or the next guy given that truck would have found a bag, opened it and see a big fat log.