Broadcom CEO tells VMWare workers to ‘get butt back to office’ after completing a $69 billion merger of the two companies::In a meeting on Tuesday after completing the $69 billion merger, Broadcom CEO Hock Tan told VMWare employees their days of working remotely were over.

  • @namingthingsiseasy
    117 months ago

    They’ll lose a bunch of good workers, but they bought VMware for the customer base, not the workers.

    Yeah, vmware has a pretty good stranglehold on companies using on-premises hardware.

    My last job was like this. We had basically 2 sysadmins (now 1) that managed hundreds of servers for about 30+ research scientists. There was no way in hell that people were going to adopt kubernetes (nobody in the entire team had any expertise in containerization, let alone k8s), IaaS was too expensive for their meager budgets, and it’s not like anyone is going to switch virtualization vendors.

    So anyway, the writing is clearly on the wall for them. Pretty soon, you can be sure that the prices are going to get cranked waayyyy up. Current vmware customers will likely find themselves in a pretty unfortunate position soon.

    Oh well. But this is what happens when you depend too much on commercial vendors.