I can’t seem to find a definition for different kinds of icons Sync uses for special users, e.g. I know how OP and my account are denoted, I have seen bot accounts marked, also I guess that I have seen a mark where a user blocked me.

Is there a place where I can check what each pictogram means and what are the possible ones?

  • [email protected]
    55 months ago

    Does that mean banned on an instance or something other than that?

    You can get banned at the instance level or at the community level.
    If you get banned from your home instance (where you made your account, in your case programming.dev) then you can’t login anymore and you’re effectively 100% banned.
    If you get banned from a remote instance, you can still login, but can’t interact with communities or users from the instance who banned you.
    If you get banned at the community level, you can no longer interact with that community.

    You can check the modlog on the web, search for that username and see what happened.

    • ladOP
      35 months ago

      You were right, they are banned on home instance for a week for trolling. It didn’t occur to me that a ban may be temporary