I recently started using webapps and it’s a good experience. Which websites have good webapps? What do you guys use/ recommend?

  • @[email protected]
    25 months ago

    Is this the “install” option from the settings drop down in Firefox Mobile? I accidentally pressed the button for Kbin the other day, didn’t go through with it but it was interesting.

    I haven’t used these since… Man, the iPod 3G?

    Personally, my Internet usage these days is mostly just the fediverse and what I find through them. I’d be interested if there were any particularly good ones though.

    I guess it could be useful for game information websites, but I’d want to avoid the awful conglomerate one for that, and I tend to just use the information as a text search and it pops up. I feel like if I’m directly on the site I never find what I need as quickly, so maybe not.

    Maybe some of the music websites I’ve come across would be good.