Announced in early August and initially planned for the end of the month, the Fedora Asahi Remix distribution is finally here for those who want to install the Fedora Linux operating system on their Apple Silicon Macs.

The distro is based on the latest Fedora Linux 39 release and ships with the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment by default, using Wayland.

  • @Shareni
    7 months ago

    It was a joke. But you can see why I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out true in the end.

    I know for a fact they’re making it impossible to make small repairs like changing the screen closed sensor. It requires a proprietary calibration tool they won’t sell, and so MacBooks can’t go to sleep when closing the screen.

    On top of changing it from a sub $ hall sensor to some proprietary bs that’s far more expensive.

    • bruhduh
      37 months ago

      Yeah you’re right, we’ll all wait till Chinese spare parts market will kick in again, they usually do this after few years from launch