Announced in early August and initially planned for the end of the month, the Fedora Asahi Remix distribution is finally here for those who want to install the Fedora Linux operating system on their Apple Silicon Macs.

The distro is based on the latest Fedora Linux 39 release and ships with the KDE Plasma 5.27 LTS desktop environment by default, using Wayland.

  • @Shareni
    -37 months ago

    their hardware feels great to use

    I tried using a friend’s m1 MacBook pro, and it’s the worst laptop I’ve touched in a while. Like my oldest budget core2duo laptop has a better keyboard than a brand new $2000+ device. There’s a very good reason it’s permanently docked.

    it makes me wonder how people could say that the components are so bad.

    I’ve mentioned a few reasons in this thread. They basically used subpar components to offset the cost of developing their own CPU.

    If in 10 years you can get an old MacBook Pro for 200$, I might jump on it even if upgradeability has been lowered.

    It’s not lowered, it’s absolutely removed, unless you count replacing the entire motherboard as upgradeability.

    16gb ram is too small? New motherboard.

    Crappy SSD is dying? New motherboard.