This community is:

A general purpose programming community for English speakers

Language specific posts like:

and ide specific posts like:

are not general purpose. Posts like that ruined /r/programming for me, and this community seems to be going down the same road. I’m here to read about programming concepts that can be applied to any/most languages, not patch notes for 10 different Js frameworks posted by karma farming bots. If I wanted to read posts like that, I’d have subbed to /c/javascript…

Do you agree with me that they should be removed from /c/programming, and limited only to their respective communities? Or have I missed the point of this community?

  • AtegonMA
    210 months ago

    sure, Ill add you in. If you send me a dm on matrix I can make a group chat for a mod chat (send secure message button on my profile if youre on web)