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Later we’ll dress up like Big Oil thugs and jump Ralph Nader.


[The first panel has the second panel inside it. It also has a slightly light gray background color. Just above the inlaid second panel is Richard Stallman lying in his bed sleeping, the bottom part at the foot of the bed hidden behind the second panel below. Below his bed under his head lies a katana sword in its sheath, and another one hangs in its sheath behind the end of the bed. Two ninjas with swords and black cloths around their heads jump through the skylight, smashing it so glass scatters around them. Each of them is hanging one-handed from the same rope coming down from the skylight. The rope ends just above the inlaid frame below. The two ninjas shout at Richard Stallman, from four speech bubbles that have pointy ends to indicate how the two alternately speak. (These bubbles are white, not gray.)]
Richard Stallman: Zzzz
Top Ninja: Richard Stallman! Your viral open source licenses have grown too powerful.
Bottom Ninja: The GPL must be stopped.
Top Ninja: At the source.
Bottom Ninja: You.

[In the second inlaid panel (with normal white background), Richard Stallman wakes up immediately, and while sitting up in bed, he pulls out both his katana swords from their sheaths, leaving the sheaths under and behind the bed. One hand is up in the air with the sword from behind the bed, and the other is still pointing down with the swords from below the bed. Lines indicate the fast movement of the swords. His three speech bubbles are like those of the ninjas, the last two even breaking the panel entering into the large first panel.]
Katana swords: Shing! Shing!
Richard Stallman: Hah! Microsoft lackeys! So it has come to this!
Richard Stallman: A night of blood I’ve long awaited. But be this my death or yours, free software will carry on! For a GNU dawn! For freedom!
Richard Stallman: …Hey, where are you going?

[An outside scene at night with black sky. Richard Stallman’s gray house can be seen with the broken white skylight on the roof. The ninjas are jumping out of a window at ground height while taking off their ninja cloth around their heads, holding them in their hand, thus revealing that they both look like Cueball. The first one is already on the grassy ground beneath the window, his sword pointing down and to the left; the other just jumps from the window pane, his sword pointing up and to the right. Again, they have speech bubbles like before. It is not possible to tell which of the two ninjas from before is first out the window.]
Ninja in window: Man, you’re right, that never gets old.
Ninja on the grass: Let’s do Eric S. Raymond next.
Ninja in window: Or Linus Torvalds. I hear he sleeps with nunchucks.