For what i heard, a lot of people on the Linux community use Krita for image manipulation, even though, it’s intended for digital painting, and GIMP is the one intended for image manipulation, because people don’t like the GIMP’s UI.

My issue is, i never understood why they don’t like the GIMP’s UI, since i never have issues with it,(Although it’s probably because i’m used to the UI) so i need to adress this problem and ask you What does the GIMP UI has that you don’t like or hate so much and why you like Krita’s UI over GIMP’s?

Before you event comment your answer i need to ask you to do the following:

  1. Address each specific issue along with an concise and direct explanation of why you don’t like it

  2. Answers such as “I just don’t like it”, “I don’t like where it’s placed” or anything alike doesn’t count as “Concise and Direct”, we are adults, not 4 year old children.

  3. If you can provide a suggestion of how GIMP’s UI can be improved, it would help a lot, and maybe this issue can be solved.

  4. If someone else commented something you were about to comment, upvote them, this way we can address the most common issues effectively.

  5. I need you to watch the screenshots of both UI’s, because something that most people don’t know, it’s how similar Krita and GIMP’s UIs are.

Krita’s UI


(Credits to a friend of mine for lettig me use the screenshots.)

My ideas on how GIMP can improve it’s UI

  1. Adding the option of the new UI selected by default, but with the possibility to switch to the new UI.

  2. Possibly addding “work spaces” like Krita would help too, along with the possibility of exporting and importing them, this way people can have custom arrangements of the UI according to the kind of work they will do.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we can address this issue effectively.

  • @MXX53
    192 months ago

    I can never put my finger on why I don’t stick with GIMP. I install it on every machine I own, and occasionally use it to open a file and export to another file format.

    From time to time, I tell myself I will finally sit down and just only use GIMP. Finally learn the tool. Envitably I find myself googling to find every tool, and then I will come across something simple, like making a red rectangle, and I end up having to google how to do it, and then get frustrated that I can’t just draw a box and quit.

    There are probably legit reasons for the decisions, but if it kills my workflow, I can’t afford to use it.

      • @MXX53
        32 months ago

        That’s correct. But I don’t remember if I said it would or not.

          • @MXX53
            32 months ago

            I’m confused. My post is about my experience with GIMP. What does Krita have to do with what I posted?