After changes in the immigration system, there’s a growing job-for-sale market that preys on temporary foreign worker population desperate to stay on.

  • lad
    62 months ago

    “There’s definitely some policy misfires,” [Employment Minister Randy Boissonnault] said. “The government was under a lot of pressure to do something and this is the best they came up with. But now we’ve got the unintended consequences of having a whole bunch of people in Canada not wanting to go home.”

    No shit, Sherlock. Good that it’s just not needed anymore migrants that are going to suffer from govt failures. And if they are needed again, govt can just make another policy that misfires the same way

    Man, this makes me sad and angry at the same time :(

    • @[email protected]
      72 months ago

      The only reasons they’re even doing anything is a) they can’t deflect any longer, and b) everyone who needed to make money off the situation already has.