I think there should be some incentive for that, like make those kinds of comments a spotlight or something. Maybe make a community called “late replies” that showcases the best such replies, or have a rule saying they grant free karma (in Reddit’s case).

  • @CameronDev
    2 months ago

    Answering an unanswered question is definitely valid. Feedback for a niche creative project may be better served by a new post, but a late comment is fine as well.

    I dont have a problem with necrobumping, but i dont think it deserves to be promoted or incentivesed in a “bestof5monthslater” showcase.

    Anything that can be gamed for imaginary internet points will be abused, and it wont be long before there is a flood of “Upvote if your still reading in 2025 🥳🤠🤯” comments.

    • @[email protected]
      32 months ago

      Oh, that’s true. I’ve spent so much time on Lemmy I lived in a world where “who else is still listening to this wildly popular song in 2024??” didn’t exist