Hey everyone, quick update on the instance

Ive synchronized our instance to fediseer which means we will start pulling blocklists from certain instances and then adding that to our own.

I have it set up where it will pull blocks for certain tags such as csam, pedophilia, poor moderation, etc. from instances like lemmy.world, lemmy.dbzer0.com, etc. so that that kind of content is able to be handled more quickly if one of those admins gets to it before us.

Should mean that you have to worry about content that breaks the rules even less and be able to enjoy the site more. If a site im pulling stuff from starts blocking instances for the wrong reasons ill remove it and revert the blocks but shouldnt happen for the ones ive added (and soon there will be a feature where I can set stuff like only block an instance if 50% of chosen instances have blocked it)

  • recursive_recursion [they/them]A
    26 months ago

    seems like a great idea/implementation as manually unblocking misflagged content seems better than the reverse of playing wackamole🤗