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The bot I announced in this thread is now ready for a limited beta release.

You can see an example summary it wrote here.

How to Use AutoTLDR

  • Just mention it (“@” + “AutoTLDR”) in a comment or post, and it will generate a summary for you.
  • If mentioned in a comment, it will try to summarize the parent comment, but if there is no parent comment, it will summarize the post itself.
  • If the parent comment contains a link, or if the post is a link post, it will summarize the content at that link.
  • If there is no link, it will summarize the text of the comment or post itself.
  • 🔒 If you include the #nobot hashtag in your profile, it will not summarize anything posted by you.

Beta limitations

  • The bot only works in the [email protected] community.
  • It is limited to 100 summaries per day.

How to try it

  • If you want to test the bot, write a long comment, or include a link in a comment in this thread, and then, in a reply comment, mention the bot.
  • Feel free to test it and try to break it in this thread. Please report any weird behavior you encounter in a PM to me (NOT the bot).
  • You can also use it for its designated purpose anywhere in the AUAI community.