I’ve noticed that [email protected] is abandoned and is already a child community of [email protected] which basically serves the same purpose and on average receives only a couple of posts per week.

This got me thinking: we have a process in place to create new communities in [email protected], but is there a process in place to remove abandoned communities?

  • AtegonMA
    6 months ago

    Currently theres mostly just community requesting to create communities and community adoption so people can adopt a community if the owners and mods are gone (which I think should just be the way to handle abandoned communities)

    For the gamedev community the main gamedev community gets all the gamedev posts while the others are intended to get crossposted into for people who want the separation until we get flairs (but theres been basically no gamedev discussion content in either) (children are news, showcase, discussion, and game design) I can try to get it more active