Low-level HTTP 1 and 2 processing library “hyper” gets released.

It contains fewer features than 0.14, (relatively) “high-level” client and server are gone. Only hyper::{client,server}::conn remain.

Also there is some IO abstraction: though it still depends on Tokio (only the sync feature), it should be easier to connect other runtimes. Just using it with Tokio like before is though less straightforward.

Do not hurry to upgrade your project from 0.14 to 1, better wait for better support in the ecosystem.

  • @BB_C
    123 months ago

    As I discovered and mentioned here a couple of months ago, there is a new hyper-util crate that may/should bring a higher-level API interface back. It also predictably brings a hard dependency back on tokio rt. So there is that.

    hyper-util was also just mentioned by Sean (hyper dev) in the discussion you linked.

    • @_ViOP
      3 months ago


      It is not released to crates.io as of now, even as alpha version.

      Update: now it is released. docs.rs does not show anything yet. There is a pull request about it already though.