Hey everyone, I just pushed a change that changes how active users/month, etc. is calculated

In Pangora I’ve swapped this to include both post and comment likes to more accurately reflect activity in addition to the default things it counts (By default it only counts people who have posted a post or a comment but thats not everyone who is active in the community) (Its not counting people who have looked at the community but not voted or posted but its closer than before to getting most activity).

To line the instance up to pangora functionality and since I can do this without needing to touch the code I made it follow how pangora calculates it.

users/day on some community gives a tally of all users that have done one of the following in the past 24 hours in that community:

  • posted a post
  • posted a comment
  • voted on a post
  • voted on a comment

The community stats have already been updated and the instance-wide ones should update soon next time it recalculates the stats

(note these stats only show in the instance since each instance calculates their own set of stats for all communities. If youre looking at a community in this instance from another instance the old stats will show. However this also means that communities in other instances when viewed in this instance show the new stats)