Hello everyone. I am your mod, Donald, Founder of Smartman Apps. You can find me on Mastodon at @[email protected].

You can follow/post to this Community from Mastodon by following @[email protected]

A few rules…

  1. As usual these site-wide rules apply (bear in mind this is a SFW Community)…
  • Dangerous content on the instance and federated instances including phishing, spamming, brigading, unmarked nsfw, nsfw content in sfw communities, doxing, etc. is not allowed and subject to be handled by the mods or admins
  • Hate speech is not allowed on the instance or in instances federated with it. This includes remarks directed at sex, gender, ethnicity, orientation, disabilities, etc…
  1. It is strongly recommended to cross-post to the dotnet Community here.
  2. Anything that is related to developing with MAUI is welcome. e.g. MAUI controls, bugs, platform-specific issues (such as MAUI on Android), upgrading from Xamarin, XAML, as well as dotnet and csharp (though consider posting there for that, or perhaps cross-post).
  3. When posting, bear in mind that these are also going out to people’s Mastodon feeds. i.e. try not to be overly wordy.
  4. I reserve the right to modify these rules :-) (but also feel free to make appropriate suggestions for such modifications).

P.S. I used mod-dotnet-bot.net to make the icon for this Community, if anyone was wondering