Ive recently been made aware of a language bug existing from building up my remindme bot

The bug was that comments from platforms such as kbin will naturally be set to an undetermined language regardless of what the community language settings are. This makes it so that if people try to reply to that comment, lemmy will break and not let the reply be posted (since its a language that goes against what the community has set)

As a fix to this I have set every community I have access to to be able to handle every single language. (This should be about 90% of the communities, you can check the list in my profile). You shouldnt run into any language invalid errors anymore and should be able to talk to people from kbin now in almost all communities in the instance

You may still run into the bug in other instances though depending on what they have their community language set to

  • ruffsl
    17 months ago

    Is there a GitHub ticket to track this issue?
    The current Lemmy workaround sounds non-optimal.

    • AtegonOPMA
      27 months ago

      Yeah theres one that I found when looking. Didnt name the kbin federation specifically but mentioned that the language system is broken