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    Rust For Linux maintainer Miguel Ojeda was among those submitting early pull requests of code feature changes for the now-open Linux 6.8 kernel cycle.

    As mentioned many times before, the Rust toolchain for the Linux kernel will continue to be upgraded against new upstream versions until all the pieces are in place that a sane and safe minimum version baseline can be declared for the Linux kernel use.

    While not part of this merge request for Linux 6.8, there is already a patch series that takes the toolchain up to the new Rust 1.75 version.

    Another Rust for Linux improvement recently floated on the mailing list but not part of this merge is LoongArch support for the Rust Linux kernel code.

    Rust for Linux 6.8 can also now automate part of the manual constants handling, preps for the to-be-merged ARM64 support, reducing header inclusion bloat within exports, new features for the kernel and macros crates, and updated documentation.

    See this pull for the full list of Rust feature patches for Linux 6.8.

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