I’m bored and want to practice my Rust skills. I am the creator of open-tv. If you have any idea for a linux desktop app, even if it seems quite complex, I will take it.

  • @onlinepersona
    121 days ago

    Maybe meta, but a linux installer for windows that works just like a normal installer on windows. You download the .exe, double click it, it opens a wizard you can walk though, and by the end of the process, after it reboots, you’re in a linux distro.

    You know what, it could also be for linux, when I think about it… not everybody wants to write on a flash drive, reboot, run through installation, reboot.

    The original idea is that non-technical users don’t know what an “OS” is. They might search for “windows alternative”, “windows replacement”, “linux installer” (if they heard of linux), and so on without knowing it’s an OS. If they could download something that installed “the linux app” without having to know about partitions, flashing a USB stick, MBR vs UEFI, distros, etc. it could make things much much easier.

    • distro: which flavor of linux would you like (as stable as possible)? gaming (bazzite), productivity (ubuntu), bleeding edge (debian sid?), design, development, expert, security, …
    • desktop environment: look and feel? more like MacOS (gnome), more like windows 7,8,10 (KDE), more like XP (LXDE, LXQt), Windows 98 feel (XfCE, …)
    • probably other things, but maybe that’s all non-techies care about

    The installer could have warnings for configurations e.g “you have an NVIDIA card $model, this has known issues with your display manager (Wayland), would you like to select automatic fix?”.

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