Ive been working on some unified icons for the instance so the icons feel like they belong together

Let me know if you like them or if there’s some adjustments I should make

Some examples from ones I’ve done

The majority of them are generated from https://game-icons.net/ with the settings of foreground being shrunk twice and position being x:2 y:2. Foreground color is diagonal from 2EE5D2 to A01FC5. And has a shadow with color 423025 and blur set to 15. The background color is just black

  • russ
    510 months ago

    These are great! It’s cool to get a feel for which instance the community is from at a glance

    • JackbyDev
      310 months ago

      Yeah, Beehaw is really on-point with the branding. Little honey hexes? No way we can beat that! But yeah, I really like the colorscheme. It matches the colorscheme a lot of programming tools use today (or at least a lot I use).