• jeff 👨‍💻
    69 months ago

    flat white wall

    Hey guys, look at this light mode user! My wall is dark mode. 😎

    In a serious note, a developer should be aware of how licenses work. Just copy pasting from Stack Overflow likely breaks the defaults license. You could open up yourself or your company to serious legal trouble. And it really isn’t ethical. I wouldn’t want code I shared in a certain context be stolen by a large corporation and make them money

    • @Zink
      49 months ago

      Lol! I figured a plain white wall was as featureless as you could get for something to stare at while you mentally conjure code.

      And since I’m in the office today (voluntarily!) there is literally a white wall to stare at above my monitors! But there is also a window slightly to the side, so my “staring blankly while totally thinking of something that will help the company” game is strong.

      Dark mode is definitely the way to go though. I have three monitors and one phone in front of me, and 3/4 currently show a dark background in the application on them.