One of my close friends decided that she’s no longer enjoying games so she offered to sell it to me for really cheap (100$). I love gaming but since I switched to Mac a few years ago my choices have been very limited. I’ve been mostly playing indie games that are available on Mac. So I’ve been thinking about her offer.

The price sounds amazing for a PS4 but I’m not sure if it’s still worth it considering the PS5 has been out for a good few years now. What do you guys think? Should I take it off her hands or should I save for a PS5 or an Xbox instead?

My main monitor is 1080p 75Hz by the way (Acer KG221Q). So buying a new generation console would mean that I might have to upgrade my monitor as well.

  • @jmk1ng
    78 months ago

    Plus it has a large library of great games that can be found cheap/used. Easily worth $100

    Most of what you’d be playing on PS5 are PS4 games anyway