• AtegonMA
    4 months ago

    Lemmy doesnt have shadow banning

    Weve been struggling here with getting outbound federation working after the update to 0.18.5. Have an open issue on the lemmy repository about it. But basically currently any posts or comments made from programming.dev wont federate to other instances (but we still get all content)

    Been running through some solutions today trying to get it up and probably going to pin a post about it

    The grayed out button is new, normally it still lets you post but just wont show it in other instances.

    • @onlinepersonaOP
      24 months ago

      The modlog is also down, which is why I couldn’t check if I had been banned.

      Thanks for the response!

      • AtegonMA
        64 months ago

        lol rip guess someone broke the modlog again. If a mod enters too large of a time lemmy cant handle it and just crashes the page