I have been working at a large bank for a few years. Although some coding is needed, the bulk majority of time is spent on server config changes, releasing code to production, asking other people for approvals, auth roles, and of course tons of meetings with the end user to find out what they need.

I guess when I was a junior engineer, I would spend more time looking at code, though I used to work for small companies. So it is hard for me to judge if the extra time spent coding, was because of me being a junior or because it was a small company.

The kicker, is when we interview devs, most of the interview is just about coding. Very little of it is about the stuff I listed…

  • @tiny_fingers
    148 months ago

    Most of my day as a Senior is wading through red tape and piecing together out of date internal documentation so the rest of my team doesn’t have to deal with it. Maybe some coding, if I’m lucky these days.