• @[email protected]
      141 year ago

      Why. Whyyyyyy people need to comment this always? Why isn’t just the Approve button enough? I so much hate it.

      • @qwop
        1 year ago

        Ah, that’s too boring. I have a range of responses to pick from to keep things interesting:

        • LGTM
        • Nice
        • Looks good
        • Thanks
        • Looks great
        • :thumbsup:
        • Looks good to me
        • :shipit:

        For me, no text means “I haven’t really reviewed this properly so don’t want to write anything that could be used against me if (when?) this breaks something in prod”

      • @[email protected]
        131 year ago

        If you’re in a place with codebase analytics you want to have at least one comment on every MR - otherwise the system will start to think you’re falling behind… I hate codebase analytics.

        • @IWriteDaCode
          61 year ago

          Analytics software like that has made my professional life so annoying at many times.

      • GTG3000
        11 year ago

        In my experience, the managers get confused when issues/PRs are closed without any comment.
        Useless comments beat having them pop into your slack to ask “hey, did you review this?” with a link to an approved PR.