It stands to reason he must have been doing something right to have stayed so close to the halls of power.

I was a toddler when he was carpet bombing Cambodia, never knew him as anything but “an important person” that was sometimes on the TV. Only learned of his crimes in the past decade.

How did an in-your-face war criminal retain such influence for so long?

  • @[email protected]OP
    96 months ago

    who admired his geopolitical strategy

    That’s very much what I’m asking! I’m well aware of his sins, but was his influence 100% from making the rich richer?

    • @[email protected]
      166 months ago

      His influence was largely because his geopolitical philosophy of Realpolitik was “effective” in that it ruthlessly pursued power over all else. For a series of presidents seeking hegemonic control that is valuable in and of itself.

    • @thesmokingman
      106 months ago

      Making the rich richer is what keeps most politicians in power. If you aren’t making lots of money you don’t matter.

    • Melkath
      -16 months ago

      Large, robust response.

      This guy plucks out 5 words and completely misses the plot.