A friend of mine is interested in the “sovereign artist” model, which basically means that you self publish and self release your own work on your own website, as opposed to using a publishing house or art gallery.

It’s powerful because it gives everyone a platform to share “niche” art, but as a consumer, it can be difficult to find and “curate” high quality, interesting works of art. Is there a rating/voting system that exists that is resitant to internet vote tampering?

I’m talking about how 10 years ago, Amazon reviews were pretty helpful. But now they’ve been swarmed with paid and bot written reviews. Same with Slickdeals and many others.

I’d want a voting system that incorporates some ideas:

  • it would prevent one person from making multiple fake accounts
  • reviews wouldn’t be suppressed or promoted by paid algorithims
  • the algorithm WOULD help connect people to items they are interested in. But maybe the workings of it would be open source, so it can be audited for bad acting.

Does a project like this exist somewhere? Rather than host that project in one place, it could be powerful to defederate and prevent the temptation to manipulate algorithms.

  • @anzo
    05 months ago

    Again, this is not what you asked but I prefer looking at reviews by YouTubers that I know (e.g. Linus Tech Tips). Maybe a ranking system among those in the review biz would not be so prone to bots.